Payment Options


We accepts the following payment types for online purchases:

Credit card
Gift card (USA only)
American Express
Diners Club

Credit Cards: The total dollar amount of your order is allocated at the time your card is approved, although payment (transfer of funds) does not occur until the order ships. If the amount charged exceeds your credit limit, your order will be automatically canceled.


Debit Cards: Payment is deducted from your account at the time your card is approved. A receipt is included with each order.


Applying for the credit card: When you complete an online credit card application, you submit to us certain information that we consider personal and as such should be protected. We assure you that your information can be shared with us in complete confidence - we will not release information concerning your credit card to a third party except in accordance with our financial privacy policy, which will be mailed to you with your credit card if your application is approved.